What’s birdy sense?

Our beginnings

The Birdy Sense Cafe is the first birdy cafe in the United States, where you can enjoy you coffee, while playing/petting the birds. The cafe began in the basement of a row house in downtown L.A.. As a birds loving mom and coffe lovers started the project and it grew big. It expanded from the 1000sf basement to taking over an entire block, and is now a destination for birds and coffee lovers around the globe.

Cute · delicious · fun ♪ „Paradise Cafe to spend with birds“

1. We aim to become a company that provides vitality, entertainment, excitement and joy for tomorrow, starting with „to heal people and enrich their lives“.

2. We will provide original services related to birds that will make you happy with the birds family and „Kotori Cafe“ fans.

3. We will strive to thoroughly manage the breeding environment such as meals and medical care with affection so that birds can live happy. At the same time, we will focus on training personnel who can be kind to both people and birds.